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How it Works:

  • Full-time & part-time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled at the time of registration with the opportunity to opt-out at a later date

  • The program cost is added to the student account

  • All required course materials are delivered by the first day of class in various digital and print formats based on the instructor's adoptions

  • Residential on campus students will have physical course materials shipped to the Bulldog Shop. All other students will receive an email to verify their preferred shipping address either at home or the Bulldog Shop

The "Why" Behind Course Ready

  • Eliminates the shopping process, saving students time and lowering stress

  • Creates transparency on textbook costs

  • Supports classroom success

  • Supports faculty in having students prepared day one


Course Ready is Drake University's innovative program that automatically provides students with all required course materials on or before the first day of class.

Prepares all students in the program with materials on the first day 

Eliminates the shopping process, saving students time and money while lowering stress

Removes guesswork: ensures clarity and predictability in course material costs

  • We understand Course Ready may not work for every student, opt-outs in such cases will be available through the Course Ready Student Dashboard starting 45 days before the start of class.